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Donald Heald owns one of the world’s finest collections of Audubon works including 1st edition octavo books, Havell prints and an original Audubon painting. He recently co-published Audubon Galleries Advisory Board Member Susanne M. Low's book "A Guide to Audubon's Birds of America" with William Reese Company. Donald Heald Rare Books, Prints & Maps offers the finest examples of eighteenth and nineteenth century books and prints in the areas of Botany, Ornithology, Natural History, Americana & Canadiana, Native Americans, Voyages & Travels, Maps & Atlases, and Sporting. Founded in England in 1972, Donald Heald has for the past 34 years formed and contributed to important private and corporate collections. Mr. Heald is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, where he has served on the Board of Governors as Treasurer, and Security Chairperson. He is a member of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, International Fine Print Dealers Association, American Historical Print Collectors Society, the Grolier Club and the American Antiquarian Society.

William Reese
William Reese has personally collected, studied and dealt in the works of Audubon for three decades. He recently co-published Audubon Galleries Advisory Board Member Susanne M. Low's book "A Guide to Audubon's Birds of America" with Donald Heald. He worked closely with Advisory Board Members Ron Tyler and Bill Steiner to support the research for their respective books. Since 1975, William Reese Company has served a large international clientele of collectors and private and public institutions in the acquisition of rare books and manuscripts and in collection development. With a catalogued inventory of over thirty thousand items, and a general inventory of over sixty-five thousand items, Reese is among the leading specialists in the fields of Americana and world travel, and maintains a large and eclectic inventory of literary first editions and antiquarian books of the 18th through 20th centuries. William Reese Company issues frequent, and substantial, catalogues in its fields of specialization. Mr. Reese is on the council of the American Antiquarian Society, is a trustee of the Yale Library Associates and a member of the Grolier Club. He has published numerous works on American bibliography and illustration, most recently “Stamped with the National Character: 19th Century American Color Plate Books” (Grolier Club, 1999) and “America Pictured to the Life: Selections from the Paul Mellon Bequest” (University Press of New England, 2002).



Susanne M. Low
Susanne Low has written the world’s definitive guide to the Audubon Double Elephant Folio. Building on earlier research and publications, she produced the foremost authoritative book on the subject, “A Guide to Audubon’s Birds of America”, published by William Reese Company and Donald Heald in 2002. Mrs. Low has been a Trustee of the American Museum of Natural History for fifteen years, and has been closely associated with the Museum for over thirty years. Her affiliation with the Museum’s Department of Ornithology and her personal interest in Audubon prints combined to inspire the writing of her highly acclaimed books on Audubon. She divides her time between Connecticut and Florida.

Ron Tyler
Ron Tyler is the author of several vital works of Audubon scholarship. He wrote the definitive book on the octavo edition of Audubon’s “Birds of America”, entitled “Audubon’s Great National Work: The Royal Octavo Edition of The Birds of America”. He has also written an important essay in the highly acclaimed “John James Audubon in the West” which traces Audubon’s historic trek up the Missouri River to Fort Union for his last great work “The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America”. Mr. Tyler is director of the Amon Carter Museum in Forth Worth, Texas and Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. He was awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters by Austin College for his innovative work in history and art history, and has written or edited a number of books on Western and American history and art, including “Visions of America: Pioneer Artists in a New Land” and “The Cowboy”.


Robert Peck
Robert Peck has written more on Audubon’s era in American natural history then almost any other author. He has studied, lectured and written extensively about Audubon, including the foreward to Macmillan’s special bicentennial publication of “The Birds of America by John James Audubon” and an essay in the important work “John James Audubon in the West”. Mr. Peck is a Fellow of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, as well as the Academy’s Curator of Art and Artifacts and Editor of Scientific Publications. He is the author of many books and publications on ornithology including “Land of the Eagle: A Natural History of North America” and “Wild Birds of America: The Art of Basil Ede”. Mr. Peck has received many awards and accolades including the prestigious Paul Mellon Fellowship from the Yale Center for British Art.

Bill Steiner
Bill Steiner has written the single most useful and important guide for Audubon print collectors. His work, “Audubon Art Prints – A Collector’s Guide to Every Edition”, was published in the autumn of 2003 by the University of South Carolina Press. This definitive book covers a wide variety of Audubon topics including prices, buying, selling, authentication, history, birds, mammals, books and galleries. Mr. Steiner is a field ecologist for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Atlanta. He is an expert birdwatcher, a published entomologist, an accomplished herpetologist, and a horticulturist specializing in African plants. In 1994, he began work with the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and he served as the environmental chief for the 1996 Olympic Summer Games.

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